A Rescue Story    

One morning after a terrible storm hit our area, our son went out onto his balcony for coffee and to survey the flood waters surrounding their home. In a corner, cold, wet, and miserable, was a little black pup. She seemed to be utterly exhausted, having somehow managed to swim through the currents of the flood to seek refuge on the first dry spot she found: the balcony. As soon as the waters receded, she was brought to us. I took one look and asked, "What is it?" . "Whatsit" came to my arms with a sigh and a snuggle: she knew she'd come home.

For the next eleven years, Whatsit was my constant companion. She was with me virtually everywhere. She learned to let the power windows down in my truck, freeing herself to follow me: the folks at WalMart got to know her well, as did those at the local grocery. Possessed of a joyful and impish spirit, her comic escapades became legendary in our neighborhood and at horse shows. One vendor even kept a dish of water and bag of treats, just for Whatsit.

Then, two years ago, she disappeared. A very cruel person, initials L.V., had picked her up and even called to say she had "found" her. When called back, this heartless person announced she'd already given the dog away. When pressed for the name of the people, she said she would call them. A few minutes later, she called us back and said the dog had been hit by a car and killed. She hung up, then, leaving us forever mourning our loss with no closure and no certainty as to what really happened. The pain will never go away.

Please, if you find a dog with tags, such as Whatsit had, CALL THE OWNER. Don't do to them what L.V. did to us. Help reunite the dog and owner and bring them joy, not grief.



Living as we do in a county with no animal shelter, we find ourselves constantly getting dogs who are in desperate circumstances. They need help, health care, and HOMES!!! Sometimes they're found along the side of the road and sometimes a neighbor will call, asking us to come and pick up stray dogs. Police in nearby communities will also call when they have an 'animal problem', asking us to help. In some cases the dogs suffer from severe starvation, been hit by a car, been shot, or are just lost and afraid.

We take the dogs in, provide whatever medical care necessary which can include vaccinations, heartworm checks and treatment, surgical care, intensive round the clock nursing care, nutritional support, wound care. . . well, you get the idea. Dogs with incurable medical problems, extreme injuries, or dangerous temperaments are humanely put down.

When ready, the dogs are given basic obedience work, taken for car rides, worked with to make certain they get along with other pets, people, and children. We do everything we can to ensure they will get AND KEEP good, lifetime homes. We provide a complete history of each dog, as far as is known, and provide potential adopters plenty of time to get acquainted with their new dog.

The adoption fees vary depending on how much we have had to invest to get the dog to an adoptable condition. Generally, the fees range from $50 to $300.

Eight month old purebred Pembroke corgi. Tail NOT docked. Can be registered with AKC. Vaccinated, wormed, mostly house trained.
Sister to Angus. VERY STRONG HERDING DRIVE! Could make a terrific working ranch dog. Both these dogs are SUPER SWEET.
Found abandoned in a ditch Petey came here thin, cold, and very frightened. He still has separation issues, but he's improving daily. Petey seems to be a boxer mix. His lower jaw is undershot, so he can look pretty comical with his lower teeth sticking up. He is neutered, vaccinated, house trained and loves to ride in the car. He gets along well with kids and other pets. He is a real cuddler who loves to be loved.
Spice girl was abandoned in the ditch with Ugly Petey. She is extremely sweet and devoted to people. Her manners are perfect, inside or out, and she gets along with everyone. Loves to go for rides, loves to curl up next to you. Spice Girl has about the loveliest eyes we've ever seen in a dog, they'll melt your heart. Spice Girl is spayed, house trained and just about the perfect companion dog.
Dingo is a red Heeler, roughly two years old, who just showed up one day and never left. He's sweet and loving with people and kids. He's been outdoors only, so we don't know about his house behavior. Dingo gets along well with female dogs, but NOT with males, neutered or not. Dingo is super energetic and NEEDS A JOB!!! He'll make a great jogging companion or a hard working ranch dog.

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